All System Down

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1) Create lists of case details that fit each side of the triangle. Brief Synopsis The case recounts a tale of how the health-care company CareGroup’s leading state-of-the-art information technology systems had abruptly collapsed for three and a half days, what actions they took to recover, and the invaluable lessons learned through them. Background and Analysis On October 1, 1996 three prominent hospitals in eastern Massachusetts merged together to form CareGroup. CareGroup was a group of health-care professionals that offered community-based primary care and a broad spectrum of specialty services. Merging hospitals had the opportunity to develop integrated services that could greatly improve the quality of health care as…show more content…
By 2002 all of the CareGroup hospitals had been brought together into one system using the most sophisticated of the nonmedical center hospital’s software called Meditech. Under Halamka’s reign, CareGroup’s IT had rapidly became the most advance system in health care by 2003. CareGroup’s IS architecture, which led to the fatal network collapse, was fully centralized and dependent upon just one main switch. Individual smaller networks had been added one at a time causing the network to grow “out of spec.” What directly caused the network to collapse was one CareGroup researcher’s mishap of leaving his experimental software open quickly led to huge data transfers that would monopolize and clog up the company’s main switch. Because all networks were connected to this switch all messages on the network began repeating and reproducing rapidly in an endless loop until the total network was completely disabled. 4) What are the main issues of the case? How would you evaluate the options? What criteria would you use? How do the triangle sides impact the options? The CareGroup IT was stumped as to how they would ever diagnose the problem when the primary system of the problem was that nothing worked. At first, everyone had his or her own ideas of what the problem was and impulsively leapt to implement their own ideas of possible fixes. The problem was, as soon as they would make the change and it didn’t work,
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