All That Money I Won The Lottery

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Imagine that I won the lottery. What will I do with all that money I just won? Would I spend it on luxuries, things for myself? Yes. However, I would also give money out to the schools and homeless shelters that are helping children who have faced traumatic stress. In Laura Tillman’s article, “What does it take for traumatized kids to thrive?” describes a school that kids attend for misbehavior problems, but the reason kids end up at the school is because they have experienced some type of trauma in their lifetime. As someone who has never really face a serious type of trauma, I was surprised at what kids face and go through in their everyday life’s. As I had found in Laura Tillman’s article to be inspiring, very descriptive and supportive of the obstacles that people face in their everyday lives. First in Tillman article, the one thing that I had found inspiring, was how the new principal Jim Sporleder came into a “run down” school and was there to help out the students with behavior problems. Sporleder and the helping hands of his students were able to rename the school to make it feel like a safe environment for the students. Tillman’s expression of “dysfunctional campus” and “dumping ground” showed an imagery of what the horrible environment the youth was facing. The article really touched me by how Sporleder helped make a school that was nothing into something for the children. Tillman expressed how Sporleder made the school feel like a safe environment for the
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