All The Bright Places By Jennifer Niven

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‘All The Bright Places’ by Jennifer Niven 1. Making Personal Connections. ‘All The Bright Places’ is a story about love and depression, where a boy, Finch, helps Violet find the will to live, while he has trouble keeping his head above water. My family has gone through the stress, anger and sadness of depression, too: my cousin, Mitch, committed suicide by hanging himself. Although it has been two years, the pain has still not completely gone away. Violet Markey has lost her older sister (and best friend) in a fatal car crash on an icy bridge. She is overwhelmed by guilt, as she was the one who begged her sister to take her home, and told her to take the shortcut, ultimately leading to Eleanor’s death. When this happens, she loses friends and is afraid to make any, afraid she will lose them too. After losing Mitch, I also lost my Nana and Papa (grandmother and grandfather). My cousin, Dimity had bowel cancer and although she is alive and well now, it is still scary to think how close we were to losing her. This made me realize, unlike other people my age, how close death is in our everyday lives, and, unlike cartoon character, we cannot peel ourselves from the rubble and complete our quest or journey. Losing some of the major people in my life has, just like Violet, made me scared to let go of people and even more scared of letting them into my heart. However, just like with Violet, her friends help her world to grow. Violet is also a writer, and although her words
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