All The Eggs Walter Chapter Summaries

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One thing that I’ve learned is that money isn’t everything and can’t buy you happiness. You should do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams don’t let anyone bring you down or tell you otherwise. You should set goals in order to achieve your dreams. There are going to be obstacles that will stand in your way. You must conquer them, avoid things that are threatening your goal. Everyone deserves something in life and they should strive to get it or make it happen. Back in the play the eggs walter says DAMN all the eggs that ever was damn my eggs.The eggs represent walters dreams and how he thinks ruth is holding him back from achieving them. Your dream can become inevitable if you somehow make a mistake but you should let that ruin your…show more content…
Also some decisions you make can be very cautious like walter calls Linder back to get the money and wants to do business with him, but eventually walter changes his mind because his family weren’t so in on the plan and he tells Linder we come from people who had a lot of pride we are very proud people and instead of being selfish he decides to follow his family's dreams. From reading this book I also have to say don’t take anything for granted like treat someone as if you don’t appreciate them or that you don’t value that person enough, because in the play walter feels livid that his family doesn't respect or acknowledge his dream he feels as if his family has disdain for his dreams. One theme is that love conquers all because walter obviously loves his family because he did the right thing for them and agreed with them walter has pride and supports them. Also in the book mama says there is always something left to love. Mama loves her family because she tries her best to keep the family in tact she says that her trust and love is what kept the home strong all these years. When do you think it’s time to love someone the most? When they done good and made things easy for everybody well then you ain't through learning because that ain’t the time at all. This affect me because I realized that the family to embrace each other but just had aimed
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