All The President 's Men

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Maya Mogensen
MCM 150: Media and Society
7 December 2016
All the President 's Men versus Everyone Else
The Watergate Scandal is arguably one of the worst cases of illegal activities where a President has abused public trust, presidential power, and deliberately obstructed justice. President Richard Nixon had committed and attempted to cover up those illegal activities through harassment, impediment, and denial; however, Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncovered details of the Watergate scandal and revealed them to the public. In the 1976 film “All the President’s Men”, the plot successfully follows the major chronological timeline of events and authentic settings but lacks significant details, events, and personnel due to significant time restraints.
The setting was historically accurate despite the film being shot at various locations. A major issue that arose was filming in the Washington Post’s newsroom. Some of the film was shot on location but it was not feasible to film in due to the fact that it would distract and make it extremely difficult for those that worked there to put out a paper every day (Slovik). In order to circumvent this, a crew took hundreds of photos, took measurements of the workspace, and through that, built a full sized replica of the office on a soundstage at the Warners Brothers set at the Burbank location; to make the offices more realistic, “production designer George Jenkins bought more than 150 desks from the very
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