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All the Presidents Men All the presidents' men begins on June 17 1972 when five burglars broke into the Democratic National headquarters, which was located at the Watergate Hotel. Most of the Newspapers disregarded the story as just another break in but Two reporters for the Washington post stuck with the story till the End. The two reporters named Carl Bernstien and Bob Woodward realized that this break in was some how involved in the up coming election but they did not know how. Their first move was to follow where the money for the break in came from. The Money led them to find a safe full of money that was to go to the Re-election of President Nixon. This Money came From the Committee to re-elect the president or CRP for sort.…show more content…
He told them some of the Tactics CRP would use was the Handing out of Campaign literature written by CRP that made the Democrats look like racists. CRP would also give Democrat supporters wrong information about Rally's for the Democratic nominee and order pizzas and liquor to democratic campaign rallies. Woodward and Bernstien would later find there had been political sabotage tracing back to JFK. Woodward and Bernstein were then contacted by a reliable source named Deep Throat. Deep Throat gave them information on who had control of the money in Sloan's safe. He pointed them to two high ranking official that were thought to be the masterminds of the break in and of other CRP actions of political sabotage. Their names were Bob Hadleman and John Ehrlichman. Deep throat also said the attorney general John Mitchell was also some how involved. As Woodward and Bernstien were having there articles published about Watergate the White House was denying any involvement in the Watergate break in and denying the CRP safe which held money that went to political sabotage. The White House also claimed that the post was only publishing story's that helped Democrats and never published stories about political sabotage on the republican campaign. They also claimed the post was sabotaging the republican campaign by writing these stories. An investigation into Watergate was starting and in the beginning Woodward and Bernstien had
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