All The Truth Comes Out

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All the truth comes out I thought I was an average girl living with an ordinary family in Horsham Pennsylvania in 2019, but I was not. Besides the fact that everyone at school always called me weak and scrawny, also they called me a nerd and overly obsessed with fantasy stories that have to do with mystical or supernatural beings. At home, I live with mom, dad, and a younger sister. I also had an older sister, but she passed away, at least, that is what my parents told me. My parents always had different expectations for me and inspired me to read books like those fantasy stories although I never knew why. Everything started getting strange a couple of days before my 16th birthday on August 30th. I went to get the mail on August 23rd, and I noticed a big bright purple card with a big sticker that said my name on it and under it said “the academy for” with a picture of a witch on a broom on the bottom. I could not decide if I was scared or confused. I called my parents over, and as soon as I showed them the card and their face turned as red as an apple. My mom mumbled a few words that I could barely heard. My father, at least, said that it was a school nearby here, and they wanted me to go there. Of course, I did not believe what my dad had said. I lived here for 15 years and never had I seen any school with a mascot of a witch. My father put the card with his other important papers, but I took it out as soon as he left and put it in my
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