All The Way To America Essay

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dinner date because he did not know how to eat with chop sticks. Aiko was also afraid to be asked because she did not know how to eat with a knife and fork. Soon John found that he would be sailing away soon and was anxious to make Aiko his wife. He was determined to ask her out to dinner before its too late. John took the day to visit a Japanese restaurant so that he could learn not to eat with chop stick. After the waiter showed him the proper way, he spent all night practicing. Later that night he ask Aiko to dinner and she gladly said yes. Aiko assumed that they will be eating with a fork and knife, she asked for help from her great uncle. He taught her to eat like Englishman so that she will be able to impress him. On the night of dinner…show more content…
All the way to America by Dan Yaccarino: This book tells the story about Michele laccarino growing up in Sorrento, Italy. When he was a boy his father gave him a shovel to help on the farm. When Michele became a young man he left and went all the way to America. His parents encouraged him to work hard, enjoy life and never forget his family. When he made it to New York his name was changed to Michael Yaccarino. Michael found a job at the bakery where he used his shovel to measure out flour and sugar. He later met Adeline and soon was married with five children. When Michael started his own business he continued to use his shovel to measure out dried fruit and nuts. His oldest son named Dan worked for him to help support the family. When Dan grew up he married Helen. Together they opened a market with Italian food. The shovel belongs to Dan now, and he used it to measure beans and olives. After creating his own family, Dan opened his own restaurant. Dan son Mike help out in the kitchen after school. When Mike became a young man he married Elaine and opened a barbershop. Mike used the same shovel to pour rock salt over the sidewalk. Every year he would take his family to Italy to watch the parade. When Mike son grew up he moved back to the city of his great grandfather Michele. His parents told him to work hard, enjoy life, and don’t for get to call your family, and handed him the
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