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Date: June 14, 2012

To: Miguel and Linda


Title: Implementing a Web-Based Performance Appraisal System

Miguel and Linda, as previously spoken you will be giving the vice president of marketing and his upper management team, an informational presentation about the Web-Based Performance Appraisal System. It is very important that this presentation be extremely successful and approved. So be ready to do a good job persuading, capturing their attention and interest.

Primary and Secondary Audiences

In this situation will be very important that you both are fully committed and have the understanding that identifying your audience is key to a good to success and well-done presentation. The audience is vital to the
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They like simplicity, and although the system might not look as friendly as they would like it to be, it has to be shown and proven to them that yes, the system is very simple and the best decision it can be made. With that said, you have to make this investment feasible, simple, and user friendly.

You need to show them the features about the system that will make their performance measurement more effective and faster being very helpful to their future decision making processes. In addition show to the HR department that the benefits are not only shared among them but with all other departments of the company, so it will benefit his work as well as others.

I agree that most people are reluctant to new systems introductions in their work, most of them think they cannot adapt to the new system or that the new program will be harder to execute therefore making their performances slow down. So keep the information to the audience simple and objective without too many technical terms and explanations. They most likely need to learn about what benefits will they take advantage of in their daily chores and how the program’s functionality will help them to improve.

The information you provide will be used as the basis for their decision, and with that said, you have to make this information easy to understand as well as persuasive. Emphasize the benefits
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