All You Can Eat Buffet Concept

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"All you can eat": Is it a solution of unlimited value? Given that the economy still remains in an uncertain state, comfort food dining establishments that fall into the 'middle range' of consumer price points are suffering. Consumers who traditionally patronized restaurants such as independent Italian 'pizza and spaghetti joints' as well as chains such as Applebee's are fleeing to fast food restaurants, while higher-end consumers, less affected by the economic downturn, continue to patronize luxury restaurants (Steiner 2010). "Penny-watching consumers are turning away from conventional restaurants...not with a bowl of hearty, homemade soup, but with a whopping great bucket of fried chicken or a calorie-laden pizza" (Smithers 2009). Domino's Pizza's profits grew almost a quarter in 2008, during the heart of the recession (Smithers 2009). Offering a buffet is one way for a slightly higher-end restaurant to offer customers 'value' and quantity, without fundamentally changing their image or offerings. Mondays and Tuesdays are often slow days for restaurants, and offering a buffet on those days can sustain the restaurant through sales of drinks. Buffets help create a relationship with customers, who might theoretically be more apt to dine at the restaurant during regular hours as a result. However, there are some concerns about the methodology deployed by the Italian restaurant in question. An 'all you can eat' buffet concept priced at $ 27.90 per person, with children at $

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