All You Hear About Is Iwant To This Or I Want To Be That,

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All you hear about is Iwant to this or I want to be that, but I was sitting there, and I wander what I want to be when I grow up. I Thought that I am halfway good at cooking, and I have a lot of determination. And that got me to really thinking about what i wanted to do when i graduated from high school.That is when I decided to become a chef. I always help my dad cook when he is cooking supper, so I thought that being a chef would be perfect for me. There are some requirements to becoming a chef. You have to have a culinary degree in what ever field you want to go into such as: mexican, caribbean, italian, etc. The field that i think that i am going into is Mexican. I think that I am going to get my culinary degree at the Culinary…show more content…
I will have to have no on the job training to be a chef or head cook. The employment for chefs is expected to grow nine percent between 2014 and 2024. The average chef works long hours and has many responsibilities the he or she must keep up with. Most chefs work in the early morning to late in the afternoon and work on breaks and on holidays. Most of the chefs in the food industry work full time. Some of the responsibilities that the chef or head cook has to do are: They check the freshness of the food and the ingredients that they are going to use that day, they oversee the preparation of food and dishes that the customer orders, they make up the recipes and organize the menus to put in the new recipes that they have just created. Some of the more boring responsibilities that the chef has to deal with everyday are: inspect the work area for cleanliness, hire or fire the chefs that work for them or the ones that they want to work for them. They also keep inventory of all of the food and ingredients that they have in their inventory. One of the more strict responsibilities that the chefs have to follow is to make sure that all of the faculty that work in their building are following the safety guidelines that he or she has set for them. The chef uses many utensils on a daily basis, from knives to teaspoons. They also have a lot of equipment to

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