All is Right in the End

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All is Right in the End Howards End opens with Helen Schlegel going to the Wilcox family estate (called Howards End). Helen has three family members Margaret, Tibby, and Aunt Juley. Margaret does not accompany Helen on the journey as Tibby is sick. Helen writes to Margaret and says that she is in love with Paul Wilcox. Aunt Juley goes to see Helen. When Aunt Juley arrives at the estate she meets Paul’s older brother Charles. She finds out that the engagement has no substance. Soon after the Wilcox family moves opposite of the Schlegel’s. Mrs. Wilcox and Margaret become friends. Margaret discovers that Mrs. Wilcox owns Howards End. Margaret tells Mrs. Wilcox that her family will be moving away once their lease is up. Mrs. Wilcox…show more content…
Wilcox initially left Howards End to her. The main character in Howards End is Margaret Schlegel. Margaret is the connection between her family and the Wilcox family. She is unknowingly left the Wilcox family estate after she and Mrs. Wilcox become friends. Due to her marriage to Mr. Wilcox, Margaret eventually receives her intended inheritance. Mr. Wilcox is Mrs. Wilcox’s husband, after her death, he marries Margaret. He is a very wealthy man who is materialistic. This trait is seen when he and Charles keep Howards End for themselves rather than giving it to Margaret. Mrs. Wilcox is the opposite of her husband. She is considerate and understanding to Margaret. She is not materialistic and she intends to give Margaret Howards End. The main and outlasting conflict in Howards End is Mrs. Wilcox’s inheritance. Mrs. Wilcox is born into her wealth and when she dies, she asks that Howards End be given to Margaret. She never tells Margaret that she is going to give her the estate. The Wilcox family, instead, keeps Howards End. At the end of the novel, Margaret receives Howards End. Until the end of the novel, she never knew that Mrs. Wilcox intended her to have Howards End. After the Wilcox family meeting in which Mr. Wilcox said Margaret would inherit Howards End. Margaret discovers that Mrs. Wilcox intended to give her the estate. The major theme in Howards End is honesty. Honesty is not seen throughout the entire novel, but at the end it is visible. When
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