All religious systems are based on certain beliefs. Some are extreme while others appear to be the

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All religious systems are based on certain beliefs. Some are extreme while others appear to be the same in some circles. When it comes to Christians, Judaist, and Muslims, what are their beliefs regarding the creation? Are they monotheistic or polytheistic religions and are they worshiping the same God? What are their beliefs regarding end of time prophecies, hell, paradise etc.? These are questions this paper will attempt to answer to bring to light the major similarities among these religious groups previously mentioned. This discussion will not take place in any particular order. According to Miriam Webster Historic eschatologies are based on datable events that are seen as fundamental to the progress of history. Judaism,…show more content…
Needless to even attempt to say that the Judaists believe contrary since this account is found in one of the book they hold dear. The general belief is that Yahweh has created the solar system, earth, trees, sweet and salty waters etc. Muslims are not far removed from this perspective. If they believe in restoration, which simply means renewal, repair, rebuilding, and so on, there must have been a degraded system that Allah created good and becomes corrupt over time or due to humankind wickedness. The author purposely uses different names that are used by each religious group. As one realizes, this supreme ruler, creator of all thing is another commonality among members of the three religions. In other word, they are all monotheists. They all make connection with their “Almighty” by means of prayers, fasts, and sacred scriptures. For the Muslims, the Quran is where they learn about Allah through the teaching of Prophet Muhammad. The Judaists, pay particular attention to teachings of Prophet Moses in the Torah. Christians, on the other hand, while focusing on Jesus teachings through the apostles written in the New Testament, often refer to the book of Old Testament to understand certain prophecies or interpret certain biblical principles. Another great point worth mentioning is that all three religions are from the lineage of Abraham. Christians are believed to be spiritual descendants of Abraham through Isaac and through Christ of whom they think they
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