All that Hamlet has Gone Through

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Hamlet is a character which has gone through a lot.Throughout the play it is not sure if he has gone insane or if he is just truly pretending to be. Needless to say he went through some things that could make anyone go insane. In such a short amount of time his life turned upside down. His dad died, which by itself can make anyone go crazy. To make matters worse shortly after his dad dies, his mom decides to marry his uncle. His uncle who becomes king after he murders Hamlets dad. Although Hamlet does do many things that would make you think he is insane, acting insane is just part of his plan. During the play Hamlet consistently see’s the ghost of his father. Hamlet is the only one who talks to the ghost. This would lead you to believe he has gone insane. However Hamlet wasn’t the only one who saw the ghost. Horatio also saw the ghost, he was the one who told Hamlet in the first place that he had seen the ghost of his dead father. In one part of the play when Hamlet is talking to his mom, the queen. Hamlet sees the ghost coming in he wants his mother to see the ghost. “His form and cause conjoin’d, preaching the stones, Would make them capable”(Act 3, Scene 4.) His mother see’s nothing and just believes Hamlet has gone insane. However one must ask himself this question, why would the ghost talk to anyone else but Hamlet? The ghost has absolutely no need to talk to anyone else. He wants Hamlet to avenge him, but he also wants Hamlet to remain safe. Everyone else is now
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