All the King's Horses

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Short Story “All the King’s Horses” Kurt Vonnegut is able to put a man’s face on war in his short story, “All the King’s Horse ”, and he exemplifies that in a time of war, the most forgotten effect on nations is the amount of innocent lives lost in meaningless battle due to unjust rulers fighting each other against a nation’s will. As Americans, we are oblivious to the fact that we have people fighting every day for our country. In addition, we ignore the fact that we do a lot of collateral damage and hurt innocent people unintentionally in order to get what we want. Vonnegut shows the reader in Pi Ying’s own sadistic way of demonstrating how he feels about war brings attention to the point that war, while unruly and cruel, is nothing…show more content…
First, in war it is important to expend every available strategy you have before you make a move because fighting without even one strategy would drastically decrease your chances of victory. Second, the concept of sacrifice is a well known, but often poorly used tactic that needs to be used stealthily. By sacrificing his son and throwing off Pi Ying’s strategy and playing it off as a mistake, Colonel Kelly’s turned the war game in his favor. Kelly was able to show Pi Ying that he too can play these sacrificial war games and understand what Pi Ying means by calling out American hypocrisy. The fact that this strategy helped Colonel Kelly win, keep his family, and some of his platoon displayed just how similar chess and war are to each other because of the way you have to think like your opponent and always remain a step ahead. Vonnegut is able to convey through his story the true pain and suffering that is seen on the battlefield and how cruel and hypocritical it is for Americans to turn a blind eye to the people who have to see and deal with the suffering each day, and by displaying this idea through the eyes of a Japanese Communist Guerilla Chief helps express to the reader that chess and war are not so different and each player must be valued and sacrificed for a
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