All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy

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Cormac McCarthy is a man who holds few interviews. Even today, he is known as one of the world’s greatest, most prolific authors though most of his personal opinions are left unreported. In a rare interview with a New York Times journalist, McCarthy says the philosophical words: “There's no such thing as life without bloodshed” completely revealing the coveted theme of his novel, All the Pretty Horses. Considering the amount of violence that manifests itself in the book; Blevins’ murder, the prison fight, and the gunfight between John Grady and the ranch workers; all of which results from Grady’s pursuit of a peaceful life, the theme McCarthy wished to broadcast, a theme of inescapable violence, was true in its delivery. John Grady left his home in Dallas, Texas to make a home in Mexico. He was in pursuit of a life in which freedoms are generously given and previous negative memories he had wouldn’t exist. Along the way, Grady met a young, prideful boy known by the name Jimmy Blevins. Initially, Grady regarded him as a nuisance but, eventually Blevins gained his acceptance and together they crossed the Rio Grande. In Mexico, however, they were separated, and finally reunited in a jail cell. Blevins was soon taken away and shot. After hearing the crack of the gun, Grady “...almost reached to pull down the front of his hat brim but then he remembered that they had no hats anymore” (179). The lowering of his hat brim is a token of respect
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