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Outline for “All the Disappearing Islands”

A. Paragraph 1: Introduction
Julia Whitty writes about the amazing beauty of Tuvalu Islands

B. Paragraphs 2-3: General Idea
The general idea is the environmental and cultural impact of melting ice caps on the nation of Tuvalu.
Global Warming could cause the sea to expand and rise faster than the corals could fortify themselves against it and Tuvalu could disappear beneath the waves.
This not only risks the population of the island but also to the unique human culture born and bred in this watery island.

C. Paragraphs 4-6: Tuvalu’s traits This is a waterfront property, and no one has ever lived a moment without hearing
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Warming oceans might trigger an eruption of methane now frozen beneath the sea floor, leading to global warming on a catastrophic scale. Big nations like Australia and the US who are responsible for most of the world’s pollution chose to ignore this evidence.
Tuvaluans see the evidence with their own eyes every day.
Only 75 islanders a year will be accepted as refugees by New Zeland.

H. Paragraphs 26-36: Tuvalu’s perspective on the future.
Even after all the evidence Funafuti seems to be building like a nation with a long term future.
New houses are springing up and the nation prosperity is growing.
Tuvaluans are very religious.
Most of Tuvalu’s landmass is composed of the bones of its people

I. Paragraphs 37-40: Tuvalu’s population and culture.
Many young Tuvaluans are being sent away for school.
Recent population estimates indicate that in the last two years some 2,000 have fled the rising waters.
Tuvalu has managed the resources well growing the national fund o $30 million.

J. Paragraphs 41-45: The world’s response toward global warming.

The government is seeking allies among other island nations for a lawsuit against the United States and Australia to be brought in front of the International Court of Justice.
Many other islands like Kiribati and Trinidad are have similar issues.
Eventually the cost will be high for all nations.

K. Paragraph 46: Conclusion.
Within the coming decades the atolls of Tuvalu
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