Allah Is A Black Statue Of A Man

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Have you ever heard a muslim say that it was time to pray or actually see a muslim drop down and start praying right in front of you no matter where they were at.”Praise Allah” or when they are speaking to a muslim about their religion whenever they say ASSALAMU ALAIKUM after an holy ones name. I have always wondered what was it all about who was allah what made them act a little crazy when praising his name or dropping everything and praying to him. I think Allah was a little black statue of a fat little man that people praise pray to and feed from time to time throughout the day. I hope in my research I am proved wrong because I think that is very overrated. In Arabic Allah translate to mean The One God. According to Sultan, I. (2010,…show more content…
Lawrence, B. (2015). Who is Allah? (pp. 1-14) says “Allah is a name but more than a name and that he defines all life, this world and the universe” All muslims believe that Allah is beyond human knowing so nobody can will see Allah or see him. Prayer through Allah is their way to connect with their brothers and sisters of Allah and Allah himself. So all in all Allah is a God sometimes falsely called the moon God who is above everything and everybody there is no equal or above. He has a prophet named muhammad who is supposed to be like their jesus christ to them he is supposed to be the guy who discovered Allah , So allah uses him to deliver messages for him and stuff. Who worships Allah? Muslims believe in Allah. The vast majority of muslims are peaceful, kind and welcoming people. Their religion has been taken over by a sad minority. Being the ISIS terrorist. Muslims believe in judgement day, they believe in one god in itself no wife no son or daughter just him( so no jesus christ being god son). Belief in his messengers: this includes Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed, and peace whenever they greet each each other they say ASSALAMU ALAIKUM which means peace be upon you and they also say it after each prophet 's name . They believe in angels and also the quran (which is their version of the bible) written in the Arabic language which is the original language and form. Muslims also believes in
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