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Sir Mohammad Iqbal, better known as “Allama” (scholar) Iqbal, is a unanimously celebrated poet and thinker all over the state of Pakistan. He is considered among the founders of Pakistan, and often credited for the very idea of an independent state for Indian Muslims, “Quaid-e-Azam” (the great leader) Mohammad Ali Jinnah being the man who realized Iqbal’s vision and founded “Pakistan” (the land of the pure) in 1947.

Born in Sialkot, Punjab, now part of Pakistan, Iqbal belonged to a family of reasonable means and very strong Islamic values. He was educated in a variety of subjects which included philosophy, history, art, religion, poetry and prose in a variety of languages. Later, he travelled to Europe and became a student of law as well
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Some Muslim leaders such as Maulana Ala Maududi disagreed with him on the point of separation, and they never saw eye to eye with Iqbal on this point, but the fact remained that the reason these leaders had united was because the Muslims were in desperate need of some political guidance and autonomy. So the only conflict that remained was on how much independence would be enough, and Iqbal advocated complete separation, so that such a dilemma would never afflict the Muslim community again.

Being a man of Iqbal’s mind frame and stature could not have been healthy for his personal life. Married at the age of fifteen (as was customary in his family), he had two children with his wife, but they ultimately divorced in 1916; the couple had never been happy in twenty-four years of marriage. He could not have had a very close relationship with his children either, being constantly occupied with his legal career, political aims and finally his poetry, which often took him on international travels. Recently, this point was affirmed in an interview with his son, Javid Iqbal.

However, in his book Javid-Nama (Book of Javid) he does address his son, although only as a means of addressing the younger generation at large to heed his words of wisdom. After the divorce, his children remained in the custody of their mother, although Iqbal continued to support the three financially for the rest of his life. His private life may not be ideal

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