Allegan High School Band Research Paper

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The Allegan High School Band needs new uniforms. Our current uniforms are falling apart, out of style, and disgusting despite having them cleaned before every season. The band needs up-to-date uniforms to match our up-to-date shows. The current uniforms are past their expiration date. Current freshmen are about as old as the uniforms. Taking special care of the uniforms kept the uniforms looking nice for a while, but now they’re awful. Some uniforms are missing buttons, some have five different hemlines, jacket sleeves are too long, pants are ripped, and some have stains from seven years ago. If you were to put on a uniform you would feel uncomfortable. They also smell disgusting from years of rainy October competitions. Uniforms have become something the band is embarrassed about.
The AHS Band participates in MCBA (Michigan Competing Band Association). In 2014 the band come home with a second place trophy. In 2015 the band returned to Allegan with a third place trophy. In 2016 the band competed against bands twice their size and still took sixth place at state championship. First place is the new goal. The band has a continuous record of success, so the band needs new uniforms to keep the success going and to better represent our composed …show more content…

In the middle of the band season kids end up seeing each other at band everyday except Sunday, so naturally the band gets very close and forms a “band family”. For most of the kids band becomes a place where you don’t have to worry about all the stressful parts of your life. There will always be someone there to support you, which is why so many kids love band and all the people in it. Personally, band is my safe space. When I go to band I know everything will be okay and I don’t have to worry about anything other than hitting my high A flat. These kids have high grades, love what they’re doing, and stay out of trouble by coming to

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