Allegorical Metamorphosis

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Allegorical Metamorphosis Metamorphosis is transformation of an insect from an immature form to an adult form. Although this term is ordinarily used in Biology, Franz Kafka uses this term to title his peculiar story. This is a story about a young man named Gregor Samsa, who is a traveling salesman. He is a typical hardworking man trying to pay off debts. However, he wakes up one morning as a human-sized beetle. His parents see him as a beetle, they react negatively, but his sister, Grete, is not so concerned. In months following, she helps him get through the change. Without Gregor working, the family is financially suffering. Gregor dies from an apple thrown by his father. Surprisingly, the families’ lives improve after Gregor’s death. …show more content…
Psychoanalysis was started and influenced by Sigmund Freud. The object of psychological literary theory is to analyze the phycology of the author or the characters in the book. Applying psychological analysis to the Metamorphosis will require a critique to identify vital Freudian concepts such as; consciousness, unconsciousness, Oedipus complex and phallic symbol.
Sigmund Freud states, our mind has two parts: conscious and unconscious. According to Freud, feelings, horrors, drives, conflicts and memories are part of the unconscious. A recent article published in research journal of recent sciences also says “The Metamorphosis is a symbolic presentation of Gregor’s unconscious world.” (Barfi, 2013, p. 107). This is also supported in the book. In the opening scene of the book Gregor enters unconscious world. At the start of the book The Metamorphosis “one morning, as Gregor Samsa was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that in the bed he had been changed in to a monstrous verminous bug.” (Kafka, 1999, p. 1). In this quote the author uses words like “waking” and “dream.” One may infer from these words; Even though Gregor woke up, but in fact he transfers from conscious to unconscious world.
Oedipus complex is a psychoanalytic theory denotes the ideas that deals with a child’s sexual desire for the opposing sex parent. The Metamorphosis has many examples of Oedipus complex, however one example is dominant. In an
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