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At Preston high school, it was like any other day, kids being bullied and drugs being used. This kind of stuff went on everyday inside of Preston High school, but this school was all they had in the town of Rapid City and the people got used to it. It was a more southern town, located in Alabama. Many words can describe what goes on there; hatred, abuse, and slacking. But the school is not all bad, as they had good people there, but the kind of people that were bullied. There was a girl named Jenna that was always a bully, because she was the popular girl, with the thought of being better than everyone else, especially with her amazing beauty and physique. Every day she bullied poor little Carlos. He never did anything wrong, but she was…show more content…
No friends, no family, and no one to be there with her. Now Carlos is the popular one and Jenna is the person no one cares about. Knowing about Carlos, Jenna is really regretting being mean to Carlos and she wishes she could take back what she said, but too late now. “I told you. You should have listened to me in the first place” said the fairy. “You were right all along. I’m an adult and have nothing to say for myself. But look at Carlos, he has everything; money, loved ones, and a nice life! Ugh why was I so stupid? Now I am the loser and Carlos is the great one.” Treat others good, in the end karma will get you, especially in long-term. Artist Statement: This Allegory was about a popular who bullies a kid but then when they grow up, the popular girl is becomes a no-life and the kid becomes a powerful CEO. The moral is Karma. Karma is also one of my fantasies, as it is not real, but people still believe in it. Also, a talking fairy is another fantasy, as fairies are not real either. Lastly, the kid not being affected by the bullying of the popular girl, as this is unreal and any normal person will be affected by hurtful things or feel some type of way. As for my archetypes, the popular girl is the witch, as she is dangerous. The eternal child is the bullied kid, because he does not realize what is going on. The magician(S) are the “cool kids” that the popular girl hangs out
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