Allegory In 1984 By George Orwell

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George Orwell’s incredible novel 1984 was published on June 8th, 1949. Orwell was obviously foreshadowing since the title of this book is clearly 35 years after the book was actually published. He includes a big allegory in 1984 regarding to some situations that might happen in our future society. Orwell’s speculation, surprisingly, was successfully compared and contrasted to many dictatorships happened in the human history afterward and was praised by lots of critiques as well. 1984 is based on Winston Smith, the protagonist, having a desire to go against the totalitarianism government and uses a variety of ways to express his abhorrence towards the Big Brothers. The author builds up the suspense by illustrating Winston’s rebellious behavior…show more content…
He knew that all the actions he takes will put him at risk of getting captured by the thought polices. However, he did not stop. He knew that his death was inevitable, but he also recognizes that someone had to go against the Big Brothers. Winston thought the world matters in a big scale, and he consistently tried his best to stop this society that was oppressing him. Despite Winston’s thought, Julia was slightly different. Julia did not care about the party as much as Winston did, but all she thought about was how to achieve and gain her own benefits while not getting caught by the Inner Party members. O’Brien loves the Big Brothers, and he plays the biggest role in giving the readers a deeper knowledge about the Inner Party, which can briefly summarize into, “Who controls your past controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past” (Orwell 35). The Ingsoc party uses their slogan to represent history can be broken down. The party believes that their absolute dictatorship will bring benefits to the future. O’Brien in 1984 gives the best explanation regarding to the totalitarianism government and what kinds of beliefs are reflected in this government. Both internal and external conflicts are addressed in 1984. To shift the main focus onto the internal conflict, most of them are based on Winston and majority of them are him going against himself. Winston goes through the unbearable endurance towards sexual desires and mostly the suffocating observations of the party. In external wise, Oceania is involved in the war with East Asia, with the ally of
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