Allegory In The Little Prince

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This essay is going to explain meaning of allegory as the literary device in the novella “The Little Prince”, written by French author Antoine de Saint- Exupéry. Novella is intended for both, children and adult readers. Language is simple, accessible to every person no matter the age, as the author himself wanted it to be. Author recognized problems of the modern age back then such as loneliness, lack of love and distance from other people. Allegorical meaning extends throughout the whole story and the message is very simple. Main character and his deeds present the way how people have different views on life values. Children tend to show and appreciate feeling whereas adults care about outside feature and power, they lost need for…show more content…
Fortunately, that is how he met the little prince. Lonely boy, who had left his asteroid B 612 and his beloved rose and began to explore different asteroids by travelling from one to another. Connection and understanding between them is on the very begging clear, because little prince was the only one who was able to notice the drawing of the boa constrictor. Once again the child in the author had the opportunity to come out of the box. Later on, the little prince asked from the author to draw a sheep and with first two paintings he wasn’t pleased, until the author drew the sheep in a carton. However, he was worried that sheep might eat the rose and was feeling guilty for abandoning her. (…) “She cast her fragrance and her radiance over me. I ought never to have run away from her “. ( The Little Prince,) Line which highlights importance of friends in people’s life. In other words, every human being has a friend who inspires and supports him and should be grateful for that blessing. Rose here as a symbol of love and real friendship, also indicates the idea how one should give love in order to receive the…show more content…
Furthermore, the Earth was a beneficial lesson for the little boy where he gained a new friend, the fox. She taught him, that people can only see essential with heart. As he went into garden full of roses, little prince was disappointed, because he thought his rose tricked him and that she is just like every other rose. Little prince tamed his rose on his asteroid and that is what makes her special. (..) “"As yet you are nothing. No one has tamed you, and you have tamed no one. You are like my fox when I first knew him. He was only a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But I have made him my friend, and now he is unique in the world." (The Little Prince,70) This claim stands for the uniqueness of his rose, making it different from others which just occurred in his life. He was not able to consider them as a true friends. That is how the real life works. Indeed, life is unpredictable and one meet hundreds of friends, but just the real ones manage to stay forever. That is why humans should keep them far away from the temptations, like little prince did for his rose. Every day he kept her under the glass globe in order to protect her from draft and wild
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