Allegory In The Movie

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• Objects that have emotional or symbolic meaning. From the grape soda button that Ellie uses to show that one is initiated in the same adventurers club to Russell’s merit badges to the Book of Adventure to the house signifies symbolic meanings throughout the course of the story. E.g. The pin convey the weight of emotional value as it’s passed on from Ellie to Carl and then from Carl to Russell. The bottle cap represents a dream shared and is yet to be fulfilled
• There is a "spatial" metaphor that seems to be reflected in the title of the movie. All things that are "UP" in the movie are good (Carl and the house are floating UP, the balloons are a constant emotional uplift across the story, when Carl meets Ellie he is holding a balloon (scenes 00:04:00) and balloons
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We see Carl struggling to make it in life, he comes across obstacles like death, age,
Etc. but those don’t deter him from achieving his goal. Likewise biblically, in Mathew 7:13-14, we read in scriptures that the road to salvation is not easy at all, there are many obstacles but only the courageous and determined are the only ones who can reach their destination

• What cultural background does the film have or cultural sources did the film use;
The movie is set in North America at the beginning of the journey and then moves towards South America. The movies shows Carl as a young boy looking at a 1930s Fox Movie tone newsreel that celebrates the exploits of an explorer named Charles Muntz. Assuming Carl is in his 70s, the main story is set in the late 1990s

• What is the message of the film and how does that fit into any social debate
The main character is a 70 year old at a time where elderly are seen by society as a cost burden for the health system and for families. “Life’s biggest adventures can be found in your own backyard, shared with people you love!” (Corliss, Richard (May 28, 2009). "Up, Up and Away: Another New High for Pixar". Time. Retrieved August 2,
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