Allegory In The Pardoners Tale

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Allegory can be defined as an extended metaphor, a story that seems ordinary but holds deeper meanings within. Allegory can be found in many pieces of literature, such as the Canterbury tales, in particularly two tales: the wife of bath and the pardoner’s tale. Both tales are written by Geoffrey Chaucer who uses allegory to convey a message. Chaucer indirectly discusses vices he apparently despises, sins committed by humans that he opposes. They can also be injustices, oppressions to certain groups of people at his time. Chaucer uses allegory in the wife of bath to mock women and to show greed’s consequences in the pardoners tale. The wife of bath tells the story of a knight who in quest to answer the question “what do women want most?”. The…show more content…
When the three friends set out to avenge their friend they find gold, and it blinds them. It makes them forget about their friend and the avenging they only care for the wealth and power this gold can give them. Not only does the gold set them off track, it causes their death, in fact, greed is what causes their death. Although the gold was a lot and it was plenty enough for each when they divide it, their greed forced them to want more. Their desire for wealth forced to want to kill each other. In the end they all end up dead, victims of their greed. Chaucer shows the reader that mans greed and desire for power and wealth will have disastrous consequences, in this case death. The irony in the pardoners tale is that the men set out to find Death and they indeed find it, but have they found Death, the person. Although he is of unclear identity, the old man can be interpreted as Death, or his form on earth. A lot of mystery and unanswered questions concern the old man, however, from the text the reader can hint that he is some form of Death. The old man is the one who directed the men right to the gold and most likely knew what the men’s fait was. In general, the message Chaucer is trying to convey through his story is that greed is a sin, and it causes horrible

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