Allegory Of The Cave Vs Plato's Cave

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By writing The Allegory of the Cave or Plato’s Cave, Plato tries to convey to people that they must escape the world of illusions and shadows and look at it with other eyes because that is the only way that they can find the true view of the world. In other words what I mean by other eyes is that people should see not only what is presented to them but see what is the real message hidden behind the illusion. People should think outside the box in order to break away from the delusions and discover the reality. Plato’s allegory tells us about people’s way of thinking about the world. In the essay I will explain why not everyone wants to open his or her eyes, how people are misguided by illusions, and why sometimes it is hard it is to see the reality. To begin with, we as a people have the ability to see but not everyone actually sees things, and often we believe in what is presented to us blindly. In the The Allegory of the Cave or Plato’s Cave is written that ”the power to learn is presented in everyone’s soul and that the instrument with which each learns is like eye that cannot be turned around from darkness to light without turning the whole body.” By that he means that everybody has the ability to learn things but not everybody wants to see learn them. In other words, the power to learn is ability that everybody has but not everyone uses it properly. Plato’s allegory reveals that “education is the craft concerned with doing this very thing, this turning around, and which
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