Allegory Of The Cave Watching The Shadows Analysis

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The Allegory of the the prisoners in the cave watching the shadows relate to everyone in life today. In the cave the prisoners would see shadows taking the form of statues that they could not see. They only knew about the statues. So they made up what they were. They decided to call the shapes they saw names, and this is what they new to be reality. But the fact that they were able to create this reality our of just shapes made by unknown objects showed their imagination. Though some are more creative than others, everybody has an imagination. Writers demonstrate this, by creating imagined worlds and stories. They entertain us, as the statue shadows probably entertained the prisoners in the cave. Today some shadows that we see today are …show more content…

The people in the cave were just not educated as to what was actually reality. Therefore they made up their own reality. Today most people try to have the clearest picture of what the real reality of our lives are. However we will never stop learning, and still have plenty to learn. Whether the information that we are lacking is wisdom, data, or just plain facts, we will always have room to expand on it. So we are all prisoners in the fact that we still can be educated more tomorrow than we are today. I am more of a prisoner of a false reality more so today than I will be tomorrow, because tomorrow I will have more education than I did today. The prisoner that went out saw what was actually outside of the cave eventually. At that point he had a full understanding of what reality was for him. But he did not forget where he had came from, he remember his life of an imagined reality and his fellow prisoners. In life today we should return to our imaginations every once in awhile so that we can remember our imagined realities, and appreciate the education we have received that has developed our actual reality. We can either be prisoners to our own lack of knowledge or we can have the courage to continue to fight for education to improve ourselves, as a whole

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