Allegory The Cave Symbolism

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Symbolism is useful in literacy because it lets the reader critically analyze the importance of the story when reading different forms of writing. The well-known philosopher Plato uses symbolism in his texts to let the readers think beyond and distinguish what the symbols metaphorically mean. In “Allegory of the Cave”, he describes two types of knowledge using symbolism and metaphors; the first type of knowledge is the what the individual’s been told from culture, and the second knowledge is what the individual experienced. Explaining the two types of knowledge clarifies a substantial sense of strengths and limitations, and can provide the current generation of students a greater understanding through education.

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The argument, however, serves to highlight how the two types of knowledge that can help prosper the student’s comprehension of education in school. The curriculum for school courses should emphasize on the strengths which the students could relate to into their own personal identity and characteristics. At first, the school courses should have an equal balance of school and work experience - not only cooperative education, letting the students broaden their horizons from the textbook and into the world. As the students become more familiar with the school/work transitions, they will begin to discover different and new qualities about themselves - whether it's positive or negative. Every individual differs, and when they are provided with different educational opportunities, they will fulfill the certain limit of knowledge they require in order to be their full selves. In addition, I agree that the every individual has their own entity and have limited amount of how much information they can consume until they reached their full potential. Every person is driven for greatness, but greatness has restraints. For example, when a student is in class, they expect to gain a better understanding of a concept they already knew. The teacher would be an expert in their specific course, but maintains the amount of information the students need in order to be
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