Allelopathic Effect of S. Macrophylla on the Growth of V. Radiata Seedlings

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Allelopathic effect of S. macrophylla on the growth of V. radiata seedlings Thea Philea I. Mostralesa, Greeny Joy A. Perucho, Rhoshela Vi C. Rendon, John Gregor A. Rono, Emmerson P. Rullog, Riffcord R-Denz M. Tabula Institute of Biology, College of Science, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City (a Thea Philea I. Mostrales, e-mail: ABSTRACT Swietenia macrophylla, or commonly known as the mahogany tree in the Philippines, is an introduced species of the family Meliaceae that is commonly used for lumber and reforestation projects. However, based on studies, it is shown that the mahogany tree has inhibitory effects that affect adjacent growing plants. This is made possible chemically and is…show more content…
3) Is there a significant difference between the survival rate of the seedlings within the proximity of the mahogany to that of seedlings within the proximity of a different tree? HYPOTHESIS The mahogany tree has no effect on the growth of newly planted seedlings. SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY The study aimed to determine the effect of the mahogany tree on the growth of monggo seedlings based solely on the seedlings’ weight and height after a specified amount of time. Other possible factors that might affect the growth of the seedlings like availability of sunlight, presence of possible predators and competition with other plants in the vicinity were not included and was not accounted for in the analysis of the data obtained. MATERIALS & METHODS The researchers used monggo (Vigna radiata) as the subject plant. A frequent model plant for laboratory work in Philippine schools, V. radiata is known to be easily grown, requires little maintenance and is fast-growing, which makes it ideal for an experiment limited to a few weeks. Monggo seeds were allowed to germinate by soaking the seeds overnight. Three mahogany trees located along Beta Way in the University of the Philippines Diliman Campus were chosen based on their proximity to other trees. Since competition with other flora could affect the results, it was made sure that the mahogany trees were at

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