Allen Parker : A Slave During The American Revolution

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Allen Parker was a slave during the American Revolution; he was born into slavery through his parents. His place of birth was in the town of Chowan town close to the Chowan River in North Carolina. Parker date of birth is not known due to the lack of records for slaves during that era; however he speculated he was born between 1835 and 1840. His father did not leave with his mother because he was owned by Jeff Ellis while his mother was owned by the Parker Family. Allen was given the last name of parker because the law at the time requires children of slaves to take the last name of their master. Allen spent a little time with his mother at infant because he was nursed by a mistress while his mother worked on the plantations. Allen endured the long hardship of been a slave, his emancipation from slavery and a very productive life. The Union law requires that child of slaves maintain the status of their and henceforth became slaves themselves. Parker lived with his mother in her cabin and he wore one garment cloth for almost 12years. The cloth was made from cotton ducking, at that time, the allowance for slaves was clothing materials; which are 2shirts, 2pairs of shoes and 1 blanket per year. This then made the slaves fascinated with clothing materials; they usually purchase at least one suit for formal occasions. During his adolescent, his mother was let out to a poor white man, who had no slaves but lots of work to do on his farm, his mother worked from 6am to 11pm
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