Allie Vaughn

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At a first you may think that Allie Vaughn had been bred for a future in the government (although you wouldn’t know if you looked at her on account of her startling pink hair), just ask her a few questions about herself and you would be hard pressed not to find the perfect mold of a future politician.

Born in Washington D.C. to a mother that served on Capitol Hill, and the niece to an aunt and uncle that served as aids to congressmen from the state of Vermont. She’s got a pretty good resume.

Despite this she sees her future elsewhere, the realm of beauty and artistry has called her since she was just in eighth grade. Since then she has aspired to become a master beautician, after graduating from some prestigious beauty school. It’s this aspiration that has been a saving grace during darker times during her life.

Intense (often crippling) anxiety has plagued her since she was
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Merely saying that she overcame bullying and anxiety by a yearning for the future is a false dichotomy. She also persevered by means of her own fortitude, and from this she learned “how to be kind” and “to treat other people”.

The experiences she’s had have had their effect on her attitude regarding school. She rejects the standards of the school system, believing it to be too limiting for children who may learn differently, and can disenfranchise youth that may not conform to the mold. She also shuns the practicality of what she has been learning, and its proposed “applicability” in the real world.

However she never uses these beliefs (or her anxiety) as a crutch for her own performance, when discussing her grades she said “I’m pretty smart... I’m pretty good at English.”

Allie may fit the sketch for a politician somewhere on Capitol Hill, but she’ll tell you that her place is at work in a parlor somewhere in London, or New York City. She’s known that since she was a
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