Alliteration In W. H. Auden's Funeral Blues

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Nothing beautiful in this world brings light to his life now, ever since his brother’s spirit left the earth. Death is a tragic event in anyone’s life, and poet W.H Auden expresses his feelings of hopelessness in the poem, “Funeral Blues.” This poem expresses the feelings of misery and depression after a loved one dies, and promotes the idea to not get fooled by love because it never lasts- once it’s gone, nothing is meaningful anymore. Auden uses alliteration, imagery, and metaphors to express the sadness that he lives with everyday of his life. Auden uses many poetic elements to add depth and complexity to his poem to help the readers relate to how he feels. One of the poetic devices he uses is alliteration, and there is only about one…show more content…
His appreciation and love for his brother is a true example of the great, unconditional love people have for family. Auden uses a metaphor in the line that says, “He was my North, my South, my East and West” (9), to emphasize the fact that his brother was his best friend, and his whole world. Auden uses this metaphor to help the reader understand the complexity of his loss. With Auden’s brother being his everything, experiencing this loss is just traumatizing for him. So, Auden purposefully uses this metaphor to get the reader to recognize that his whole world is now gone forever, and nothing will be the same. Auden’s life is forever changed, since the death of his beloved brother. In this poem, W.H Auden expresses his emotions of depression after the loss of a loved one, and how nothing brings him happiness anymore. He uses alliteration, imagery, and metaphors to emphasize the sorrows he feels everyday, and will feel for the rest of his life. Auden uses alliteration to highlight the fact that he wants everyone to mourn the loss of his brother along with him, imagery to get the readers to visualize the irritation he has that his brother didn’t get the proper funeral he deserves, and uses a metaphor to help the reader identify the concept that his brother meant everything to him

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