Essay on “Allocating Merit Raise” Case Analysis

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Abstract Small State University is facing the dilemma of how to allocate the $17,400 that the state agreed to give to the management department. Each qualified candidate’s employment information is given to help determine the merit raise decision. Before the decision can finalize, research and analysis will be conducted. A case solution will include the implementation of management approval, budget recommendations, communication and essential steps of the new policy to the university, and fair distribution of merit raise. Keywords: merit raise, human resources, performance evaluation, merit raise procedures Introduction Small State University has 40 full-time and more than 30 part-time faculty members and enrolls about…show more content…
Address your plans for the following two years in a more general manner. Identify any major change of emphasis since the last reporting cycle. Emphasize major goals, expected changes in status of ongoing projects, or new initiatives. Indicate what department resources you anticipate are required to accomplish your plan. For example, if you are planning a sabbatical, are considering retirement, see a semester with heavier than normal research demands, envision changing space needs, and list this in as much detail as possible. Context: Major Career Goals In this section, describe the vision you have for your career. Indicate the broad interests or goals that guide your anticipated activities and bind your work into a coherent whole. Provide a context for the anticipate activities listed below so that the way in which each activity supports the common thread is apparent. | | Upcoming Academic Year |Teaching | | |Research

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