Allocating Money For Schools?

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Drew Deke Mrs. McAleer Composition II 4 May, 2017 Allocating Money for Schools In our society today, allocating money for a high school can be laborious and problematic due to the stinginess of our economy and the little attempt to fundraise in a community through school events and social activities. It is normal for a parent to want their child to be involved in school events and extracurricular activities but have no motivation to fundraise or give back the school that developed and shaped their child. According to, 50% of parents within a public school district have little or no involvement throughout the community with school related activities. With the other 50% of parents involved, this number drastically decreases…show more content…
Through small towns, one concept people in the community enjoy is watching their child participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, band, FBLA, and FCA. By far, the most attracted activities are sports and band concerts. Essentially the whole town gets involved or comes to support their teams play. In the article Parenting in America, “…Parents with higher income and higher education are generally more likely to report that their child participates in various activities after school.” (Agenda). On average, there are approximately 20-30 kids per team or activity in each event. Given that each child has 2 parents, almost 50 adults are coming to support every event. According to journalist Martha White, over a high school career, parents will have spent close to $800 for their child’s extracurricular activities whether that’s new gear or apparel. Eventually, parents and businesses donate and sponsor each club team in the community. Frequently in sports, a two lane road has to be factored into the sponsorship field. Businesses will sponsor and fund money for new equipment if you display their company name on the court or field. In small communities, it is popular for businesses to fund money for team posters and bus trip fees saving money for the given high school. The only problem with business sponsorship is most of the time your team has to be relatively good to receive options like the ones above
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