Essay about Allocating Resources to Improve Student Learning

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Introduction The size of the classroom can affect the ability of the student to engage in the material, as well as the teacher’s ability to remain effective presenting the material. School enrollment often affects the ratios of the classroom, which can become a factor in student success. Budget restrictions result in larger teaching loads, which decrease the time and attention teachers can give to a student. Large portions of institutional expenditures go to salaries, which supports the argument that most education dollars are spent on people, and not on the product. Thus raising the questions what can be done to spend education dollars more effectively with out over crowding classrooms and increase workloads. To address these issues the …show more content…
Class Size There is a great chance of positive student outcomes when class sizes are small. However lowering the student-teacher ratio can place a larger financial burden on the district when funds have already been exhausted. This financial burden is ultimately place on the taxpayers who in return are not guaranteed an academic benefit. Many schools deal with overcrowding, which is often determined to be the source for low academic achievement. However districts continue to reallocate resources and introduce new resources in an effort to decrease class size and improve student-teacher achievement.
Core Instruction The goal and mission of the school and its administration, which can often determine the organizational structure of the staff, often determine the organization of a school. Schools and districts often use line and staff organization or a flexible team teaching method.
Line and Staff The staffs known as the “front-line” workers are the core teachers and principals. Front-line teachers are those who are noted by policy makers as the “core” subject teachers. These teachers are responsible for teaching mathematics, science, history, reading/language arts and foreign languages. Teacher salaries are a great portion of the budget as well as the