Allocating a Budget Plan: Project Implementation for Economic and Strategic Development of the City

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To assist a newly elected Major with economic and strategic development of the city, a city manager allocates $10 Million budget to the city council. The city council could qualify for the 100% federal matching funding if Major meets the federal standards.
The objective of this paper is to provide the proposed expenditure plan for the city. The paper allocates the budget based on the city priority needs, and the budget allocation is to implement the project to support the operational requirements, capital requirements as well as using the budget for the economic incentive to enhance private investment within the city.
Table 1: Budget Plan
Fund Allocation
Alternative Heathcare model
$2 Million
Economic Incentive for Private Concern
$3.5 Million
Supporting Capital Requirements
$2.5 Million
$1.5 Million
Reinforcement of Knowledge as a Strategic Planning
$1.5 Million
$10 Million
Proposed Expenditure Plan
The main goal of the city council is maintain the short-term and long-term sustainable development. Typically, the major priority of the city council is to provide value for the community and upgrade the value of the whole population. The core Major's responsibility is to allocate the fund to assist private investment as well as enhancing the economic and…
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