Allocation Of Resources For School District Budget Development

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Allocation of resources is one of the most challenging pieces of the budget process that a superintendent must take into consideration. In light of the pressure placed on a district leader to get results, failure to move the student achievement agenda can lead to certain demise. “However, accountability is a broader construct than the computation of student performance, including aspects of responsibility, authority, evaluation, and control, and must be constructed in relation to both internal and external communities” (Johnson & Kruse, 2009, p. 189). This process of balancing limited resources and accountability becomes increasingly complex when one must stay true to the vision they set for the district. It is essential that the district…show more content…
Research indicates that early literacy intervention programs are the type of district interventions that can avoid the potential cost of special education services which will later result in a student’s education due to an area of challenge going unaddressed. “No district can create smarter budgets without tackling the twin challenges of raising achievement for students with special needs while reducing costs” (Levenson, 2012, p. 107). The point Levenson (2012) is making here, and which I noted earlier, is that special education costs are one of the biggest drivers of district budgets. The impact special education costs on a small district’s budget can be especially challenging. This encourages district leaders to develop programs that limit the potential exposure for future special education expenses.
Early literacy intervention programs are the type of services that districts can provide to address the needs of students at an early age and potentially reduce future special education expenses. “Children who received daily instruction in addition to the normal classroom instruction will help students to do better” (Vaughan, Wanzek, & Murray, 2012, p. 41). This is a conclusion most individuals would come to when asked if increased instruction and practice would benefit students. In his study of the impact of extensive practice, Malcolm Gladwell (2011) makes the case that for an individual to become an expert or
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