Allowing Plastic Surgery on Teenagers

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In this day in age children know more than ever that plastic surgery has become a varied option , so most of them feel like it’s not a big deal to ask their parents, but most of them don’t know the risks and the dangers of plastic surgery.The dangers of plastic surgery are very high, the area that has been worked on could become permanently numb and could possibly ruin a persons life. Infections are also symptoms that could be caused by plastic surgery if it is not performed properly, infections are bad in many different ways because they can lead to death and other serious problems. In the year of of 2007 87,000 teenagers got cosmetic plastic surgery but almost half of the surgeries were to get new noses, which is a very disturbing thing to hear because there are children with more serious reasons to get plastic surgery not being seen about their problem. In 2008 there were 160,283 kids and teens under the age of 18 years old that had gone to the doctor to talk about getting plastic surgery but in 2007 the number was 205,119; before this everything was different and more simpler, the numbers were down to 145,094 in the year of 2006. “Lifes hard enough without adding a physical burden. But at the same time, does that teach them problems have a surgical solution?” comments Hema Sundaram, who is a dermatologist and cosmetic laser surgeon in Washington D.C. Dr. Sundarams question is full of different debatable things like ‘Is…
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