All's Fair in Love and War Essay

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All’s fair in Love and War

We have all realized, at one point, that war is a part of our society; it is a part of our lives whether we want to admit it or not. In the times that we are in today the only way to be a hero is to do something charitable, or to stand up for your political beliefs. The sad truth is that our society today no longer accepts the war aspect as being a hero. In my eyes a person that is brave and courageous to risk their lives for someone is definitely a hero. Not only are these brave men and women risking their lives for others, they have lives of their own. Did anyone care to ask the question, does he have a family at home? Does he have a wife, a girlfriend? That doesn’t matter nor do $$#Break#$$ I got out of the car and the hot air hit my face. The sand was beige colored and surprisingly very clean. I could smell the salty ocean breeze hitting my face. We walked along the beach looking for a place to get settled; there were people everywhere. We found a space to lay down somewhere in towards the middle of the beach. We lay our towels and bags down on the hot sand; I realized that Glenn had already taken of his wife beater exposing his toned muscular body. I couldn’t help but look. You don’t see that kind of body everyday unless you open up a magazine. I guess I was staring hard because he noticed and laughed at me. He gets it all the time, he told me. I didn’t act embarrassed that I got caught I just simply complemented him. While everyone else went into the water we stayed to just relax on the hot sun.
“So were you born in the Philippines?” I asked randomly.
“Yes. I lived there for five years,” he said laughing. I don’t like asking people I just met personal questions or questions at all; I like to get to know people by having random conversations and by spending time with them. I only saw Glenn for that one day, unfortunately, but don’t worry we kept it touch. This story is not over yet. There is more to be told and more to be asked. I was fishing for information; I wanted to know more about him but for the next five months we talked randomly; I’ve gotten to know this man more then I have known some one my friends. These conversations were
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