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 Emotional Appeal Advertising In the recent series of ads from Allstate insurance, Dean Winters, an actor notorious for playing dangerous roles in movies and TV series, plays the a version of “mayhem.” Allstate is notorious for their commercials showing accidents involving multiple vehicles, but with this new series of commercials they choose a fresh approach. Although he’s dressed like a man, and sports a bandage over his black eye, Dean Winters portrays a “typical teenage girl” as he drives through a mall parking lot and receives a text from his “best friend forever” that leaves him “emotionally compromised.” Winters, driving a pink car, hits another parked car in the…show more content…
In choosing Winters for the role of teenage “mayhem,” Allstate already has the viewer subconsciously worrying about how dangerous their own teenager’s “mayhem” really is. This then triggers the need to protect their children. The tone of any piece of writing or commercial sets up the viewer for what to expect from the piece, and Winters’ effortless monotone does just that. If this were not such a witty commercial, his deep and serious voice would send chills up anyone’s back--although he’s talking in the dialect of a teenage girl, his voice remains his own. Were he to talk instead in a higher-pitched “teenage girl” voice, Allstate would not be able to get their message across--the idea that mayhem is unpredictable and dangerous. Although what he says is funny, it is how he says it that triggers a parent’s worry for their children. With the increasing numbers of cell phone usage related accidents, many companies are pushing to stop text messaging while driving. When Allstate shows “mayhem,” aka Dean Winters, text messaging and hitting another vehicle as a result, it again taps into a parent’s desire for their children’s safety. Recent safe driving laws have prohibited the use of cell phones while driving. However statistics show increasing numbers in cell phone usage related accidents. A recent study by a local attorney’s office states that, each year, 21% of fatal car accidents involving teenagers between 16

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