Allstate Motorcycle Insurance Essay

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Allstate Case Analysis
Cacey Lavin
March 9, 2012

What is a “traditional” society? A society based on historical customs, values, morals or beliefs that are handed down from generation to generation? Today’s society is a far cry from the comfort of tradition. It has evolved and is comprised of vastly different demographics, economics, social-cultural influences and household arrangements. Marketing must target these non-traditional sectors to be effective. This process can be challenging, but performing in-depth market research can help a company excel at their marketing efforts.
Slide 4-38 Marketing Metrics & Slide 3-20 Social-Cultural Environment Allstate’s attempt to gain the insurance business of motorcyclists has
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By scrutinizing this information, they could begin to comprehend the relationship between humans’ behavior and their purchasing trends. In addition, comparing CSI (customer service indexes) and perceived quality by industry sector, assists marketers as to why many existing Allstate customers who own motorcycles don’t insure them with Allstate. Money is a discriminating factor and insurance is often a function of income. Many motorcyclists who don’t finance their purchases may opt out of insurance altogether. Short term financial performance indicators are useful in evaluating relative price metrics by formulating the market share participants in relation to market share value.
Slide 4-25 Qualitative Measures Allstate has taken a qualitative approach to developing marketing strategies aimed at the non-traditional market. Qualitative measures are targeted at finding out what customers think or feel about certain products or brand names. In past years to gain market share in the motorcycle industry, Allstate developed “Allstate Garage”. (Crepeau, 2008) This fun interactive website employed the qualitative approach of visualization to allow users to customize their own motorcycle by choosing different models, styles & accessories. Within the customization process, Allstate would indirectly emphasize perks about their insurance policy options. This visualization measure also provided apps for planning scenic rides and safety tips for motorcyclists.

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