Allusions And Symbolism In The Lorax

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Dr. Seuss story The Lorax is filled with allusions and themes, that reference the Bible, American history, and other books. The Lorax published in 1971, and in the 1970s American history where the environmental movement began and laws were passed to clean the air and water. The story of the Lorax portrayed how nature is something that needs to be protected and not destroyed by big companies. Ted (main character) goes on a quest to find a real tree, a truffula tree that the Lorax protects. On his journey, he meets the Once-ler, the man who knows what happen to all the truffula trees. Ted also encounters Mr. O’Hare, the mayor of Thneedville and the owner of the biggest company in Thneedville. O’Hare is consumed with making more money and symbolize a political figure. The Lorax represents a guardian and a Jesus figure. Today the story does have that same message regarding saving the environment, but in today’s current society, there is so much that can be related to the Lorax’s message of saving the environment.
The main character Ted plays the average teenage boy who has a crush on a girl, Audrey, and goes out of his to impress her. But, he also represents resilience and changing the world. He like Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for what is right and was not afraid of consequences. Ted fought against the biggest company in his town to get real trees back into the public' eyes. Ted started out on his quest, individual, and soon more people in his community joined him.

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