Allusions In Araby Chapter 7

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Chapter 7-...or the Bible In Araby, the beginning of the story starts off with a description of the house in which the boy lives in which includes the mentioning of an apple tree alone in the middle of the yard. The apple tree is a direct allusion to the apple tree in the Genesis story of Adam and Eve where they lived in a garden and could not eat from the apple tree. When the narrator says, “I bore my chalice safely through a throng of foes”, the chalice represents a holy cup and him carrying it through “a throng off foes” symbolizes him overcoming a challenge. Substitution atonement is when someone sacrifices themselves so that others do not have to sacrifice themselves or suffer, like how Jesus sacrificed himself to save all of us from our sins. The narrator sacrifices his time to go to the bazaar for a girl that he has never even talked to and probably doesn’t even like him. Yet, he sacrifices his feelings and time anyway just for her. When the narrator sees the woman in the bazaar with the two men he realizes his mistake in going there and feels betrayed by himself that he could let himself think that going there for the girl would change anything or make her like him. Chapter 8- Hanseldee and Greteldum Fairy tales often have the same components and elements to them as other types of literature and even movies. Alice in Wonderland is about a girl who looses her way and must go on a journey to find herself again. She has to go through many difficulties to find her way
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