Allyson Bowlds. April 7Th, 2017. Human Rights. Human Rights

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Allyson Bowlds
April 7th, 2017
Human Rights Human rights are considered universal because it is accepted that every person, regardless of gender, race, etc., is entitled to these rights. Therefore, all people must be treated equally, regarding every person being entitled to the same set of basic human rights. Human rights are indivisible. No individual right is more important than the other; no individual right can be emphasized or, on the other hand, ignored for any reason. Characterization as indivisible shows no preference to one human right over another; thus, human rights are better utilized when applied to a person or body of people. These set of ideas also apply to the interdependence of human rights. Each human right is connected
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Forfeiting a right means the individual’s right(s) has been revoked, resulting from his/her wrong-doing regarding the right (Barcalow Rights, 156-157). From the 1920s to the 1990s Romani people were discriminated against in Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Romania, and many other countries. Unjust acts such as: harsh punishment, exclusion, segregation from public businesses, refusal of services, and much more were imposed on the Romani people during this time. This was not a wrong-doing of the law enforcement at a local level, laws were passed preventing Romani people from even intermingling with non-Roma people when a wall was built dividing Romani from non-Romani people. Even storekeepers were forbidden from selling to the Romani. More disturbing than prevention of inhabiting freely amongst the communities, their education and image were marred by the stereotype that all Romani people did not deserve equal opportunity due to their ethnicity, language, and customs. Because these people did not speak the “accepted” dialect, they were deemed as ignorant and inferior; forced to attend school for the mentality disabled. In 2000, the ERRC (European Roma Rights Center) presented ample evidence of mistreatment of the Roma people at the United Nations Elimination of Racial Discrimination conference. The ERRC also reported that, as far as they were aware, no action against the government was taken. The police are standing by in sight of the mistreatment. (Barcalow

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