Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy Essay

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Almost Lover Many songs have deeper meanings then what we truly think. Its important to really take time out of the day, and sit down to dissect the song to find its true meaning, or maybe even its multiple different meanings, that have been hidden away. The song Almost Lover, by A Fine Frenzy, is one of the songs that could have multiple different meanings behind it. The female singer of A Fine Frenzy, is named Alison Sudol. Alison Sudol is from Seattle, Washington. She was born December 23, 1984. She sings mainly Indie songs, and also stars in a few movies. In the song Almost Lover, she is singing about her lover leaving her behind. Its a slow, Indie song that has sweet, but sad music to it. Many questions arise when it comes to…show more content…
When she states that he told her he wasn’t ever going to forget about what they had been through, or their memories together. Then throughout the chorus of the song she repeatedly tells him goodbye. It raises the two big questions, one of which is where did her almost lover go? Did he simply leave her for someone new? Maybe he passed away, and she is still broken hearted about it. Its difficult to know for sure, but in part of the song, Alison sings about how her almost lover used to sing her Spanish lullabies. This could mean a few different things, one of which could be that he is Spaniard, and has left her to go back home to live with his family again. Although it could just simply mean that he is just bilingual, but the thought of him being bilingual raised other questions to me. Such as why is he bilingual if his didn’t grow up in a Spanish house hold? Did he learn the other language for a specific reason? I realized that the answer to this question was the same answer to the second extremely big question that came to mind when I realized that he didn’t want to leave her either. This other question that came to mind when dissecting this song was, why did the almost lover have to leave? If he never truly wanted to leave her. Looking a bit more into the other two facts that were covered earlier. One of which was that he was bilingual, and the other was that she can’t look at the ocean without thinking about him. When taking these into
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