Aloe Vera and Vaseline

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Vaseline is mainly a petroleum product that was discovered by a twenty-two-year old inventor known as Robert Augustus Chesebrough. Vaseline is however, one of the products produced by Robert Augustus. Some of the products include skin lotions, soaps, creams, lubricants and cleansers. This product is generic in the Spanish and Portuguese countries where these products are known, as Vasenol. Robert Augustus was one of the founders of petroleum jelly mainly located at Brooklyn in New York. Robert used his scientific knowledge and skills to make a useful product from what most oil workers considered worthless. Based on the oil worker’s belief that the residue was capable of healing cuts, bruises, wounds and burns, he took a sample of it to…show more content…
This product can be available in the form of lotions, gels, creams and even juice. A .1 a. Segmentation Vaseline producers and petroleum products’ manufacturers are able to produce different products that suit and satisfy the needs and wants of everyone in the industry. There are those products that are manufactured, distributed and sold specifically for the young ones. This is to protect their delicate skin from sunrays, sunburns or even rashes. The gel or the cream is rubbed gently onto their skin. (Weinstein. M p4. & Proctor. T ) Some other petroleum products produced for the teenagers are to maintain their smooth skin and to protect them from sunburns. As for the old- aged people, these products reduce and to some extent prevent the aging of the skin, eliminates body spots and stretch marks. Different sizes of these products are usually made available at diverse prizes. This is to make them affordable and available to different classes of people depending on their level of incomes. There are also the scented ones and the unscented ones. This takes care of those people who are affected by strong scents especially the asthmatic casualties. A.1.b. Market targeting strategy The major aim of this strategy is to ensure that the concerned firm is able to make the highest profits possible. As a manufacturer, one has to study the nature and size of his or her market in order to single out the target group. For example, a Vaseline producer
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