Aloha Flight 243

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Aloha Flight 243

In the Aloha incident, Aloha Airlines flight 243 took off on a regularly scheduled flight departing Hilo and arriving in Honolulu airport. Aloha flight 243 was a Boeing 737 that had suffered from metal fatigue and flown well over the intended takeoff-landing hours. (Stoller, 2001) Flight 243 experienced an explosive decompression and structure failure at flight level 240. An 18 ft. long section of ceiling area of the fuselage from the forward passenger cabin had separated from the flight deck door to the front of the wing. The opening extended from the left side of the cabin floor level to the right side window level. A flight attendant who was standing in the aisle was ejected out of the aircraft. No
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COPILOT: All right. [To Tower] Maui Tower, Two forty-three can you hear me on Tower? TOWER: Aloha Two forty-three, I hear you loud and clear. Go ahead. COPILOT: Ah, we’re gonna need assistance. We cannot communicate with the flight attendants. Ah, we’ll need assistance for the passengers when we land… TOWER: Okay, I understand you’re gonna need an ambulance. Is that correct? COPILOT: Affirmative.” As the plane slowed down for approach at 10,000 feet mean sea level, the captain retracted speed brakes, removed oxygen mask and began to turn the airplane towards Maui’s runway 02 at 210 knots. He gave the command to lower flaps to five; flaps were initially set at one. The captain attempted to extend the flaps further but the plane became less controllable. He gave command to lower landing gear at normal point in approach pattern. Main gear was indicated “down and locked”. Nose gear position indicator light did not illuminate. The manual nose gear extension was selected still no green light illuminated, nor the red landing gear unsafe indicator light. No visual was conducted due to occupied jump seat and need for an immediate landing. At 1355, the copilot advised tower of no nose gear. The tower responded with a confirmed visual of nose gear. (MacPherson, 160) “COPILOT: Okay, be advised. We have no nose gear. We are landing without
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