Alone In The Universe By Jesse Kohn Analysis

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According to the articles, “Alone in the universe,” by Jesse Kohn and , “At the office,” by W.M. Akers, they both are written in first person point of view. Both articles use their point of view in their story to develop their main characters. The article, “Alone in the universe,” by Jesse Kohn is about a kid named Jesse who believed that aliens and UFO’s were real. In the article Jesse had two friends, Dillon and Dylan and they both never believed in aliens and UFO’s. When Jesse told the story about the aliens coming to Earth, they thought they were too old to believe it. While the three friends were talking, they saw a UFO approach them over the mountains. Dillon and Dylan started to worry, and Jesse couldn’t believe what he was seeing.…show more content…
Akers is about a kid, Albert, whose mom works a late shift at an office. When he’s there, Albert likes to play around in the tiny cubicles and desks at the office. Albert stopped after he kept hearing this sound inside the office that was always following him. Albert was scared to be alone in the office now and he had nowhere to go because his mom wasn’t close. Soon after hiding in the desks for a while Albert realized that it was just the office janitor that was cleaning the floor. In the article Albert states that he was too old to still be playing in the cubicles and chairs at the office now, he was too big, but he wasn’t too old to be scared. This article was written by W.M. Akers and it was written in third person point of view because it talks about Albert and states his name throughout the story. The author developed the characters depending on the point of view to show how the story is told. The article, “At the office,” used third person point of view to develop it’s main character, Albert. In both of the articles, “At the office,” and ,”Alone in the universe,” they are both written in third person point of view because their characters are mentioned with a name. They both don’t use “I” or “You” in the articles because their character are developed a certain way that goes with the stories. When you use third person point of view you tell a story about someone or something. Second person is when you are telling the story, and you are writing about yourself. First person is when you are talking to the readers. Therefore authors develop their characters using the point of view from their
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