Alone Together: the Robotic Movment Essay

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A Response to Sherry Turkle’s “Alone Together: The Robotic Movement” In “Alone Together: The Robotic Movement,” Sherry Turkle explains some of the negative effects that robots are having on our lives. She also explains how they can have a negative effect on our daily lives without us even noticing. I am someone who knows a great deal about technology, however I had no idea that close human-robot interaction was happening at such an inappropriate level. There are many different examples Turkle uses in the article, however, I will only talk about two. I agree with Turkle not only that there are ethical problems with human-robot interaction but also that a lot of other forms of technology might be doing more harm than good. To begin…show more content…
The ironic thing is that even though this woman supports the idea, she said the very thing that is wrong with it. Feelings aren’t being hurt because the robot can’t feel. Robots can be the best substitute in the world, however they will never be able to have a real relationship because of their inability to share emotion. This is where the relationship aspect starts to take place. There are a select few that have a new technology in their hands. A robotic seal has made its way over from Japan that has the ability to “understand” what you are feeling and can make you feel better. This robot would be a great toy to have, unfortunately the people that own this are people that are having trouble with normal relationships. The robot can take away time from a person’s relationships in reality. Although the relationship with this seal is fantastic, relationships with friends and family are diminishing. I can see why it is happening. Robots, because they have no feelings, cannot judge, make you feel guilty, nor do they require effort to maintain relationships with. However, part of life is being able to weather the highs and lows. It’s what makes us human. Furthermore, I agree with Turkle that technology is overtaking our lives in a way that we might not even notice. Most everyone has one has a cell phone. Whether we are texting, reading emails, or playing Angry Birds, we are so absorbed into a virtual world. Even though we may not realize it, many of

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